Petition To Return To ‘pay As You Go’ Access Of The Ubu Swimming Pool

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Created September 27, 2012 by Hamish


The university of bristol has decided that, from october onwards, in order to access the university swimming pool and other sports facilities, students will have to purchase an annual membership pass. It will no longer be possible to ‘turn up and pay’ (http://www. Bris. Ac. Uk/sport/memberships/obtainingasportspass/). To do this would be to defy the will of the overwhelming majority of students, as demonstrated by the motion (http://bit. Ly/snxsid), put forward at the last ubu agm to reduce the cost using the swimming pool, such that it is in line with other swimming pools in bristol. The motion was passed by over 98% of students present, despite concerns that funding might have to be diverted. Before introducing the changes, the university failed to conduct a proper consultation. Only 10 club captains (out of 52 club captains in the union) were consulted to in relation to the changes and none of the wider student body. For many clubs that do not use sports facilities more than once a week, the changes will be fatal, as they will be unaffordable for many students. There will certainly be a drop in sporting participation. This is completely in contrast to the quote on the university website (http://www. Bris. Ac. Uk/sport/) that sport is ‘open to everyone’. Compared to all comparable leading universities in the country, bristol’s facilities are by far the least accessible in terms of cost. Private & council owned facilities in bristol, such as gyms and swimming pools, are often much cheaper than university facilities
the purpose of university facilities should be to allow as many students as possible to participate in sport. What’s their purpose if otherwise? Students who aren’t from bristol university will still be able to access the facilities, including the swimming pool during peak times, for £5 per session. This is clearly unfair. Increased student numbers at the university is no excuse for limiting access only to those who can afford a sports pass – we were clearly assured of no impact on student facilities before the increase in student numbers. The overwhelming will of students is that university facilities should be affordable and available for all – what’s the point of such facilities if they are expensive, restrictive and elitist? We believe that the changes to sports access should be rescinded before the start of term.

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