Reinstate Lee Brown’s Job In Pure Gym Enfield

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Created November 17, 2014 by Pure Gym Member


This petition is to reinstate the job of lee brown as a personal trainer at pure gym, enfield. This petition is against the decision of him being ‘dismissed unfairly’ without considering the decision due to improper investigation procedures being carried out during an unrealistic time frame. Many members of pure gym associated with lee brown are also being highly inconvenienced and are entitled to having a detailed explanation as to why their priorities have been disregarded by pure gym. Lee brown is a family man with children, and does not deserve to lose his job during the festive season of perpetual hope without hard evidence against him! Everyone who has had the privilege to work and interact with lee is aware of his good willed nature, and honesty.

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 4 signatures for this petition:

  1. Pure Gym Member UNITED KINGDOM

    Parvesh Kaur

  2. Pure Gym Member UNITED KINGDOM

    Ranjeeta Kaur

  3. Pure Gym Member UNITED KINGDOM

    Poonam Rani

  4. Pure Gym Member UNITED KINGDOM

    Arkin Sadik

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