Remove The Facebook Timeline!

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Created December 24, 2011 by Zsolt


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There are currently 33 signatures for this petition:

  1. shafikhamid

    i want my profile old profile . .

  2. rajey AUSTRALIA


  3. xinx tor PHILIPPINES

    remove the timeline pleasE !!!!

  4. sepehr UNITED STATES

    remove timeline

  5. Amanda Garza UNITED STATES

    I Want My Old Profile Back

  6. Amanda Love Garza UNITED STATES

    Want My Old Profile Back

  7. Amanda Garza UNITED STATES

    Can You Please Give Me Back My Old Profile Back >:D

  8. rajesluvyoualot SINGAPORE

    ICant Take It Sorry About That

  9. cindy saavedra UNITED STATES

    remove the new and have the old

  10. fiona hardie UNITED KINGDOM

    Its confusing this Timeline thing!

  11. janjan PHILIPPINES


  12. Pornwarin Augkahatsee THAILAND

    Please give me back an old FB profile.

  13. matthewlbristiol UNITED STATES


  14. Kan Lee HONG KONG

    no comment

  15. Rashid latif UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    please remove the timeline facebook

  16. Brian Fielding UNITED STATES

    Don’t make it mandatory!

  17. Ryan Jones

    Blegh, the Timeline layout is terrible.

  18. jas MALAYSIA

    I like it

  19. anna conda UNITED KINGDOM

    Timeline is a huge invasion of privacy

  20. Fong Shak Yee MALAYSIA

    I want to delete my time line

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