Review Of Referees And Match Officials By The Fa, Including Introduction Of Supportive Technology.

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Created April 15, 2012 by Referee


This season (2011-2012) the quality and consistency of referees, linesmen and fourth officials in the english league seems to have dramatically deteriorated. We the undersigned understand the difficulty of the jobs these officials do week in and week out and so are requesting that the fa conduct a review of its recruitment, training and support practices for the officials of the beautiful game. Fans of football in this country are being lead to believe that the governing body is burying its head in the sand when seemingly every week there is another example of decisions interfering with games. Fans are becoming increasingly concerned that such events are killing the sport. Wrong decisions spell disaster for clubs and their campaigns. The call for goal line technology has been raging for many years, we the undersigned are also requesting that the fa include the arguments for and against the inclusion of this kind of technology in its review. Such technology would be further support for the officials. It’s benefits have been seen in countless other sports with little interference in the games. Fans from all clubs up and down the country, in all leagues and competitions are demanding something be done before the situation gets out of hand. Support this campaign, make the beautiful game beautiful once again!

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