Right To Die, Right To Live!

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Created May 8, 2014 by Alexandra Tolchard


In humanities we had to choose something to campaign about and it had to be something we are passionate about and i am working in a group of 4 so myself and 3 of my classmates. Our campaign is about the right to die/ euthanasia and if we agree with it or not. Well we do agree that we should have the right to decide this. I feel very passionate about this because it will affect someone you know at one point or the other and i do think it is wrong that people have to go to other countries such as switzerland to have a dignified death and i think that is sad because people cant pay 10’s of thousands of pounds to go to these places. Please help us with our petition as we may be aloud to submit it to parliment as our local mp is asking now and they think the answer is positive!! We all know someone who this will effect and maybe itll even effect oursleves so please do sign this as i believe it should be a human right if we have the right to live we should have the right to die!!!!

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