Save the Trikala Shelter animals

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Created May 13, 2011 by Gary

Animal Welfare

The entire World is now being made aware of the situation in the municipality of Trikala, and the plight of the shelter animals. Many people know that I am a passionate animal activist and rescuer, and I have many 1000's of followers and contacts, throughout the World, including celebrities, who are aware of this dire situation, and every person who signs this petition is pleading with the authorities of Trikala to act compassionately, to make the lives of these animals a better one, and we plead with the Major, to use his powers, to act upon this suffering, and do something positive, to remedy this terrible situation in Trikala. These animals need help desperately, so we plead with the Major, and authorities, to act positively and constructively to remedy this issue. Gary Edwards, England.

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