NHS Staff should be able to Speak English

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Created September 16, 2011 by frederick


To the Health Minister.

All Doctors and Nurses that come to the United Kingdom to work in the National Health Service should be Government Checked that they can speak, read, and write English before being allowed to work here.

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There are currently 74 signatures for this petition:

  1. michael a.wilcox UNITED KINGDOM

    I fully agree with this petition

  2. sheila kenny UNITED KINGDOM

    i truely believe this is a must

  3. Linda Tovey UNITED KINGDOM

    I thoroughly agree with this petition

  4. Gemma Sellman UNITED KINGDOM

    I feel that NHS staff really should be able to speak english. Ccommunication is so important especially in the health sector.

  5. Pat Dickerson UNITED KINGDOM

    I think it is vital that doctors & nurses coming from overseas to work in the UK can sepak & understand English

  6. Anita Haworth UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree that it is vital that doctors & nurses coming from overseas to work in the UK NHS can speak, write & fully communicate as well as understand English.

  7. Jean Frary UNITED KINGDOM

    When someone is unwell, the last problem a patient needs is not to be able to understand doctors or nurses who cannot speak English clearly. All Health Service personnel MUST speak good, clear English..

  8. Jean Frary UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an important issue – it is essential to patients that they can clearly understand an NHS doctor or nurse at all times.

  9. Lynne Hiam UNITED KINGDOM

    No comment

  10. Jane Brock UNITED KINGDOM

    My mother was rushed into hospital four years ago and all of the staff in A&E were foreigners who could not easily be understood. It was a disgrace and akin to entering a hospital in another country.The last thing anyone who is ill needs to contend with is difficulty in understanding what is being said and this is magnified when the patient is elderly and maybe hard of hearing. Our experience was diabolical and even when she was admitted to hospital the person under whose jurisdiction she fell was Egyptian. He was arrogant and rude and very difficult to understand.No one should be allowed to take a job as a doctor or nurse unless they are able to communicate clearly and coherently and has a good command of the English language.

  11. Lynne Hiam UNITED KINGDOM

    No comments

  12. chris UNITED KINGDOM

    Sorry to read of your bad experience, I had hoped that the situation had changed over the last 10 years (the last time I had to endure foreign hospital staff,when my husband pass away), but apparently not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Geoffrey Michael Drain UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely, they all should be able to speak and understand English

  14. Ms Jane Hope UNITED KINGDOM

    Although I live in a Hospital area which is mostly staffed by english speakers, I believe all hospital staff should be able to speak english.

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