Stop The Demolition Of Nantyglo & Blaina Hospital

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Created April 22, 2012 by Lisa


We the undersigned, appose the demolition of the old nantyglo & blaina cottage hospital. We feel that it is an important part of our heritage, and we want it put to another use, that will preserve the building and it’s heritage. The owners United Welsh Housing Association plan on demolishing part of our heritage, we call on BGCBC and Nantyglo & Blaina Town council, to oppose the planning application to demolish it

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  1. Colin Bridgeman UNITED KINGDOM

    Its about time the community stood up for its heritage, this building was paid for by the hard working miners and it belongs to the community, and there it should stay

  2. Zena Gallyer UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many memories have been torn down already… My father was born here, which means its part of my history. Next time I visit Blaina I will not recognise a thing :0(


    This hospital has served the people of Nantyglo and Blaina for many a year. It is a part of every person who lives there. How dare they even consider demolishing it, did they pay for it NO! It was paid for by the blood sweat and tears of Miners who love Nantyglo and Blaina. Leave their heritage alone. I used to live in Nantyglo in the 60′s and so it was a part of my life too.



  5. Natalie Wall UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do not knock our heritage down

  6. Stephanie Wall UNITED KINGDOM

    Save the hospital from being demolished

  7. Tracey Rowland UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an historical building which should be preserved for the nation- in order to remind people once again how our forefathers struggled to provide healthcare free at the point of need.

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