Stop The Proposed Housing Development At Dechmont, West Lothian

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Created February 24, 2014 by Lorna-Ann Vernon


Plans are being drawn up for a housing development of 120-130 “units” on a block of what would have been farm land on the edge of the beautiful village of dechmont. This development will greatly add to traffic congestion in the area. It will spoil the village feel of dechmont. Services such as schooling & medical will be impacted – dechmont primary school is too small to cope & the nearest medical practice is broxburn where you struggle to get an appointment. This development will do nothing to address the shortage of affortable housing or rental properties in west lothian. The economic benefits to the village will not justify this development. Please let west lothian council know that you do not support this proposed development & stop it ever getting before a planning committee.

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  1. Helen Vernon

    My family (brother, sister-in-law and two small children) have just moved to Dechmont from nearby Uphall to give the children a better lifestyle..the freedom to run around safely and grow up in the countryside.

    Any proposed development would completely ruin the character of the village and the very reason why people actually choose to live there.

  2. Jacqui McKenzie

    Villages are disappearing all over Scotland – with increased numbers of residents impacting on the safety of the current local community. This is a sizeable new development being proposed, and if local services are not also developed, no value is gained as people will go into the larger towns for their needs.

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