Video Game Soundtracks on Classic FM

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Created December 11, 2010 by Alan


Video Game Music has been an undeniable force in bringing classical music to younger audiences. With concerts such as Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY, Video Games Live, A Night in Fantasia, Dragon Quest Family Classic Concert and many more proving to be hugely successful.

Classic FM already plays Film Scores, Disney music, Jazz and Coldplay. If you would like to hear music from Video Game soundtracks and concerts on Classic FM please sign this petition.

IMPORTANT: Please use a valid email address and please only sign once. Signing more than once can damage the validity of the petition. If you would like to do more, then spread the word so others can lend their support.

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  1. Bryan Smith Kelty UNITED KINGDOM

    Let's share great videogame music with everyone.

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