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Created November 23, 2011 by frederick


Petition to the prime minister. Please take notice of signatures below and cancel the propossed sale of the mothballed harrier jump jets overseas. We need them in the United Kingdom.

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  1. A Shepherd UNITED KINGDOM

    This government has been so disappointing, I just despair. I appreciate we have to make some savings but they don’t seem to have been made in the right places. We’ll have no defence left soon with all these cuts.

  2. John Pegler

    The Libyan fracas and the looming Falklands threat must bring home to even the most gullibleMPs minds the true cost of not having a self-contained flexible force on call with pilots dual qualified and available for ground attack andair defence as we had with aSea Harrier/Carrier operational ready group.Please do not sell this nation short!

  3. Jeff Stephen Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    It is criminal to get rid of our only aircraft carrier and the best most flexible aircraft yet known to the modern world. Lets face it if the Americans bought them for their Armed Forces they had to be and still are the very best. Who needs landing strips when you have the worlds ONLY jump jet?


    It will be a tragedy to sell these beautiful jets abroad. I was awestruck the first time I saw one fly and hover. Please keep them, we need them, they are special.


    We have the best harrier pilots in the world lets keep them and these excellent aircraft together as our aircraft inventory is depleting rapidly.Remember we live in a dangerous world

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