8 Foot Sativa All Ages Gig Christchurch

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Created December 27, 2008 by


After firstly announcing that 8 Foot Sativa were going to play an all ages gig at the Christchurch youth venue Zebedees, They have decided to cancel the show in favour of an r18 one. Please sign this petition to help 8 Foot change their mind!

There are currently 19 signatures for this petition:

  1. kieran Fanning Anti-Christchuch NEW ZEALAND

    Tell all your friends to sign this!

  2. morkedrom blackmetal christchurch NEW ZEALAND
  3. Rectophagia Deathmetal Anti-Christchurch NEW ZEALAND
  4. Joel Smart christcurch NEW ZEALAND

    please don't cancel your all ages show!

  5. lawrence simon Anti-Christchuch NEW ZEALAND

    this better work lol

  6. fort sasuage chch NEW ZEALAND

    Please come to Zebz other wise I will be depressed and ill make a sad face like this one :(

  7. aaron clutterbuck christchurch NEW ZEALAND
  8. hughes cole christchurch NEW ZEALAND

    step up for undergaed metal

  9. wade smith christchurch NEW ZEALAND

    come on guys do it for the team!

  10. cora (: christchurch NEW ZEALAND
  11. samantha burt christchurch NEW ZEALAND


  12. **** Waffles chch NEW ZEALAND

    Step up step up step up for sativa,Step up step up for 8 foot sativa!

  13. Aaron Ashworth Christchurch NEW ZEALAND

    please keep the all ages gig 8 foot, or maybe just have both

  14. ben duff chch NEW ZEALAND


  15. nicole schaap christchurch NEW ZEALAND

    please! do an all ages gig!!!!!!!

  16. Michael Powrie Christchurch NEW ZEALAND
  17. Alex Stone Shire NEW ZEALAND
  18. Reuben Adams-Cook NZ NEW ZEALAND
  19. corey wilson christchurch NEW ZEALAND


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