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Created April 3, 2008 by Magdalena


Dear All,
We just thought to start a petition for BBC TV station which would regard two matters: if any copy of the TV series ?Stalky and Co? of 1981/2 still exists in their archives and if it does, would they like to make it available by showing it again in TV or make some (big or limited) edition of it since there would be some interest. I think if they would receive such letter with suitable number of signs, they would see the interest is big and maybe we would get some response, and who knows, maybe there would be some little success. Our main purpose is to make the one and only Robert Addie?s leading role known to so many fans he still has in spite of the 4 years from his passing already. I think they may consider our interest and maybe they would treat our not typical request with kindness and understanding.
Dear All,
We would like to address a request to you in the name of all the people who are interested in the filmography of talented English actor Robert Addie, who sadly passed away in 2003. We would be happy to be able to see also those of his TV roles which weren?t released on video and DVD as far and also aren?t shown in TV anymore. Our request concerns the miniseries ?Stalky & CO? (1981-1982), directed by Rodney Bennet and written by Alexander Baron on the basis of the novel of Rudyard Kipling. Robert played there the leading character. Is there any possibility it would be available to the audience in any form? We would be very grateful if we would be able to see it on TV or order a copy for home use. We are interested also in any info which would concern this TV series. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

There are currently 55 signatures for this petition:

  1. Jolanda Wekema NETHERLANDS

    Hope they release it soon.

  2. Tanja

    Such a good idea….this petition. We don’t give up!

  3. Nina GERMANY

    Hope this´ll be successful!

  4. Lydia AUSTRIA

    wanna see it!!!!!

  5. Duncan Buckley UNITED KINGDOM

    As a fan of Robert Addie and his works, more should be shown to showcase his excellent acting talent.

  6. Stephanie Wiechert GERMANY

    Please put this out on DVD ! Thanks!

  7. Andy Dawson Reid
  8. Dominik Michalak FINLAND

    I’ve learned about this series only recently. It’s definitely worth releasing on DVD.

  9. Rebecca Ashton
  10. Hibah Shabkhez

    I like the book very much

  11. Alex Ene

    This book came to me at the right age (14) and ever since I’ve waited a movie or a tv serie. It is such a shame that cannot be revived somehow.

  12. Stephen Wright

    It’s obvious that this series needs to be rescued. Just a few signatures here but where ever you go on the internet there are people seeking Stalky and Co.
    I’m sure that the BBC can’t have actually lost it. An early Dr Who perhaps, but not an eighties mini series. C’mon, get the DVD out there. Cheap enough to do these days. Let the market decide!

  13. Madeleine Cochrane

    I have adored Rudyard Kipling’s stories since I was a small child. I have his whole collection of books except “The Light that Failed”. I have made a CD of some of the Just So Stories for my grandchildren. One of my specialities is different accents and voices so II enjoyed doing the animal ones very much. Living now in Australia I missed the TV Series in 1982. It is a severe blow that it has not been put on DVD!

  14. Madeleine Marie Cochrane

    I have already written full comment. You asked me by e-mail merely to confirm my e-mail address. My reasons are I have nearly everything Kipling wrote, I started reading his books when I was 10, I have made CD’s for my grandchildren with the Just So Stories, I read Stalky & Co when I was 12 and still love it. I missed the BBC series as I now live in Australia

  15. Joy Sherfey UNITED STATES

    I loved this show when I saw it as a teenager. It was hilarious and poignant. I’d love to see it again and I would love to show it to my kids. Please release this show for our viewing pleasure.

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