Against academy status for Varndean School

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Created April 15, 2011 by VSAA


We petition the Governing body of Varndean School to go no further in exploring Academy status.

We want Varndean School to continue as a vibrant part of our local community, rather than a ‘go it alone’ institution that turns its back on the rest of Brighton and Hove.

There are currently 288 signatures for this petition:


    No consultation and further erosion of community – the idea stinks

  2. jo cameron UNITED KINGDOM

    bad idea for all of brighton – beginning of a slipperu slide

  3. Kate Milner-Gulland UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t let it happen…

  4. Patrick Brittain

    In any decent society the best education for all should be an imperative. Academies, like the public schools are not helpful in that regard.

  5. david gillman UNITED KINGDOM


  6. swaati taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    Turning Varndean into an academy is a terrible idea, just ask the staff and students at Falmer. The fact that the goveners can even consider making a decision like this without consultation with its current students and parents is ridculous. PFI was a bad enough decision, don’t make another one!

  7. Nigel Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Brighton school perform pretty badly overall. Check the regional tables. We are doing a lot worse than many other cities despite having well educated parents. Something has to change and I believe a lot of this reactionary rejection of academies is related to the the fear that the catchment areas might change and not a real concern for improving standards for the young people of Brighton.



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