All babies born alive deserve the right to treatment

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Created November 19, 2010 by kerry

Human Rights

I am Kerry, im the mom of Paige, Kia and Lucas. I have lost 2 children to the 24 week rule at hospitals across the country, even though my babies were born alive they wasnt given the chance to survive! This law needs to be changed to 20 weeks. I also want to address the issue of babies not having birth or death certificates in these cases. ALL children who are born into the world deserve a birth/death certificate as do there parents. Iv come across many ladies who have had babies under 24 weeks and had to watch there children die. It should be assessed on each individual case!!! Please help me get justice for our babies and get this changed. \r\nKind regards,\r\nKerry, mommy to 3 sleeping angels xx

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  1. nicola potts hednesford UNITED KINGDOM


  2. gemma lovell bracknell UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally agree as i was told i had to carry my baby last year to 24 weeks or over or i would not get a funeral or anything and no help thankfully i got to 29 wks beforei had her and she died 9 hours after but my mum had to watch 2 of her babies die because of this rule !

  3. lynda parsons manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    where theres life there is hope,all babies are precious gifts and deserve the best chance to fight that we can give them xxx

  4. Daahir A mohamed bristol

    each human bean has right to recieve treatment needed to survive.
    how can we call this country the great britain when such think are hapening in it?
    we right the law but were is the justice?

  5. Isobel Craig Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    My only child was an unexplained stillbirth, then I ended up with unexplained infertility…doubly painful and now greiving for the fact I may never be a mum (its been 14 years since my loss).

  6. charmette robertson sunderland UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Konstantina Agathokleous tottenham UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Kimberley Hale East Sussex UNITED KINGDOM
  9. marie clare douglas isle of man UNITED KINGDOM
  10. michelle read lowestoft UNITED KINGDOM
  11. trish woods UNITED KINGDOM

    my baby girl was born 2 days short of 24 weeks on 30/07/02 and they let her die. 2 bleeding days surely she stood a slight chance but no they just left her to die. hope the petition does somehing to give these poor babies a chance

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