Allow Panasonic in 7 Bridge Street

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Created October 14, 2009 by Neil


The PCC have decided to decline a Panasonic retail store in favour of having a Women\'s Enterprise Centre, costing the taxpayers money.

There are currently 12 signatures for this petition:

  1. Neil Smith Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Ragan McGill UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Andy Dowson Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM

    Panasonic would bring much needed business to the city

  5. Mike Divers Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Simon Baker Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Jason Parbles peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Robbie-John Wilson Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Robin Squibb Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM

    We need jobs, not more public sector junk

  10. Jonathan Frascella Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Philip Bertenshaw UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Nigel Godfrey Caerphilly UNITED KINGDOM

    women have too many rights as it is. This is typical of this pinko bleeding hearts throw money down the drain government we have. How much did Brown sell our gold for? Give the Tories a chance now. The LibDems are politically insignificant now.

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