Astrology is not a science

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Created January 21, 2011 by Melanie


This petition is in response to the petition that has been started by the Astrological Assocation of Great Britain complaining about the treatment they have received in programmes by the BBC.

We the undersigned are happy that we live in a country where we do not have reporters inviting Astrologers to debunk Astronomers. We understand that some people will follow things we consider silly on blind faith and no logical argument will change their minds, however, we also know that Astrology is not a science and wish that The Astrological Association of Great Britain would just get over themselves…

There are currently 33 signatures for this petition:

  1. David Williams Guildford UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Mark Brook UNITED KINGDOM
  3. robert kent UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Thomas Dent Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no symmetry between sense and nonsense

  5. Emma gillard
  6. Dustin Haskell East Stroudsburg UNITED STATES

    Although perhaps due to my being an American I shouldn't be signing this petition; I whole-heartedly agree.

  7. Ronnie Shipman Baldock UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Mel Anderson Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    We have enough woo in this country without having to listen to these deluded fools

  9. Juergen Schmoll Ferryhill UNITED KINGDOM

    Being astronomer myself, I am clearly aware of the problem of astrology. With the idea of seeing the future in the stars dates back 3000 years when ancient priests started to discover the calender, today there is no justification to astrology in any scientific way. When people still believe in it, it is rather religion but it has nothing to do with science apart from having the common roots with astronomy dating back 3000 years.

  10. Kevin Baxter South Shields UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Harry Davis Malton UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Frederick Dsouza UNITED STATES

    i dont want astrology

  13. Barry Coble UNITED KINGDOM

    Astrology: No evidence & no proof. I would have thought we`d have known better in 2016!

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