BBC Programming Cuts

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Created October 28, 2007 by Christopher


As the BBC moves to cut its costs by laying off low level staff, selling off television centre and making cuts in our favorite shows like Spooks and Dr Who,
I suggest the cuts should instead be made in BBC Management Salaries!

There are currently 12 signatures for this petition:

  1. Christopher Burrows Bridlington UNITED KINGDOM

    Here Here!

  2. Luke Oldham UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Rich Jones Bridlington UNITED KINGDOM

    I pay my TV licence for endless repeats of the same trash. put something decent on or i get rid of my telly!!!

  4. Fabian van Nieuwmegen NETHERLANDS
  5. Deborah Stewart Inverkeithing UNITED STATES
  6. Senax Duren Redding UNITED STATES


  7. ejyv ptuhnr ejyv ptuhnr pmksfg VENEZUELA

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  8. doug kinghorn newcastle upon tyne UNITED KINGDOM

    i feel so strongly that i'm afraid to comment for fear of litigation.
    i am forced to make my contribution to their inflated saleries as they have the law on their side. a refusal could mean a criminal conviction, is this democracy

  9. Keith Graham Orpington UNITED KINGDOM
  10. B Sage Used to be England UNITED STATES

    Huge salaries are out of control

  11. Robert Wooller Bradford UNITED KINGDOM

    This is outrageous. There is no one who uses the Beeb more than me and my family. It obviously isn\'t expensive because 3 or 4 pounds a week is nothing compared to what is payed for Sky, and the amount of programmes you get for your money is massive on all platforms. Typical Tory cuts. Get Greg Dyke back.

  12. Filomena Meffe Consett UNITED KINGDOM
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