Bring Back Advanced Java at Kingston University

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Created April 1, 2011 by Matthew


This is a petition for Kingston University to put on Advanced Java for Computer Science related degrees during the 2011-12 final year. Currently the subject has been removed from the module options. If we can get enough people interested we have a greater case to bring to Kingston University that their students want to participate in this subject. The aim is to get ~40 signatures.

There are currently 19 signatures for this petition:

  1. Nicholas Killick Kingston UNITED KINGDOM

    Java programming is a core subject for many on computing courses, not offering it is detrimental to many students' degrees

  2. Timothy Cheong Weybridge UNITED KINGDOM

    Not teaching Java at Kingston would be like cutting a student's arm off at graduation, Java is used on so many computer based platforms nowadays.

  3. Ignatius Fernandes London UNITED KINGDOM

    No programming modules at all.



  5. Matthew Mawson Addlestone UNITED KINGDOM

    As a Software Engineering student, Java is an vital language and skill for career prospects after uni that I will be missing out on.

  6. sihyun seong new malden UNITED KINGDOM

    The stuff they tough us in advanced programming concept module was poor enough. This is an absurd. A computing course without programming module? What do you think that is?

  7. zoya syed hayes UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Tasnim Essack Kingston UNITED KINGDOM

    We need variety in our module choices to cater for everyone. As someone thinking about doing web design, programming would be an essential topic.

  9. Patrick Magee Carshalton UNITED KINGDOM

    Everything at Kingston University is TOO business oriented. Yes, we do have some basic programming which was introduced in the first year, but this a computer science course, this is a MAJOR part of any degree related to computer science.

    If students wanted to know the business side, they would of taken a business degree.

    Business Organisation was okay, but ill be honest I don't remember anything from it, it was a waste!

    OO principles are important and the reason why most students are reluctant to do them, I say is because we do C and Outdated Web technologies like PHP, instead of Ruby on Rails and MVC frameworks.

    Get it together Kingston University. Its time to shape the degree to how it should be, not because of the majority of students are reluctant to learning programming.

    This should be a CORE module for Software Engineering. Why do Software Engineering degrees have a core module in Software Quality, but then don't include something focus on Advanced Java.


    I pay my £3290 for a the year, all I ask for is the CORE topics of that degree to be included! No matter if students at Kingston fail it, its part of it, if they don't like it they shouldn't of taken that course!


  10. waliur rahman london

    With out a few good programming courses with GOOD lecturers that know what they are talking about and are able to engage students what would be the point in a computer science degree? Stop making the degree diluted and meaningless with all these silly and easy modules. The reason why the Uni is doing this is because not every one wants or can program, so they make things easier and make "Computer Science" meaningless to employers!!! . If people don't want to be programmers then they should of picked another degree!

  11. Ben Cawley Surbiton UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Craig Apaw Lewisham UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Nicholas Barham London UNITED KINGDOM

    Why would you take that course out, it doesn't make any sense at all. It's a programming course. It's pointless being in a programming course if you begin to stop programming modules.

  14. Sergej Popov London

    Its Software Engineering Course, Give us some advanced programming!! Why we have to choose between eComerce and mobile Business! Complete nonsense! We don't need modules like "Business Organisation" or "Technology and Change".
    If you remove Java put something instead, C# for example.

  15. nkashama kabeya london UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to have a programming module! we barely did any C++ and now we are not going to be doing any JAVA and the course is littered with useless module on css and html and such!

  16. Nathanael Dennis
  17. Saqib Hashmi Hayes UNITED KINGDOM

    I like Java programming…

  18. Carl Edwards New Malden NETHERLANDS
  19. David Lavender UNITED KINGDOM

    It is a poor effort that the university is unable to offer any programming module in either C# or Java. These are totally essential to future careers. The University has offered a good array of web based programming and games programming (however these are unavailable on software engineering). Why is there no programming modules available on a software engineering degree? (not including web based programming)

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