Bring Back Card Facilities at The Fareham

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Created January 27, 2011 by Cian


Here we have a simple show of support for those who agree that Card facilities are a must at the Fareham. If you dont wish to write in a formal letter to state your feedback to the company in charge of the pub please sign here to show you want Card Machines back!

There are currently 12 signatures for this petition:

  1. Cian Wagstaffe Fareham

    Cards are a crucial part of the business and many people feel safer taking cards rather than cash with them, With cashback facilities they draw out the cash they require at the pub rather than having to walk out in the cold into the town centre past a competitor and virtually into Wetherspoons oon the way.

  2. Michelle Penfold Fareham UNITED KINGDOM

    no card facilities mean no more impulse buying, unless you wander off into town to find a cash machine first.\r\nCard machines allow people to come out for the night and not need to worry about carrying too much cash with them or if they are going to run out before the end of the night.\r\nit makes things a lot easier for everyone!\r\n\r\nbring them back!


    Not having the card facility does cause inconveniences as when we run out of money we tend to prefer to drink water/rather than walk to the ATM where we're normally ingrosed in our conversations. Having the card facility would enable punters to buy more drinks and therefore would increase The Fareham's takings & profits.

  4. roo ingram fareham UNITED KINGDOM

    :) x

  5. James Tremaine Fareham UNITED KINGDOM

    Having card machines in the pub make it alot easier to spend money at the bar for drinks and food especially if you haven't brought much out with you and you don't haveuch time to get cash out please get some card machines

  6. Rachael Montgomery Fareham
  7. brett mcvicar fareham UNITED KINGDOM
  8. emma lawrence fareham UNITED KINGDOM

    a card machine is vital, for the fareham pub and customers.

  9. lee hines Waterlooville UNITED KINGDOM

    Credit / Debit card transactions are a must and a basic for any business these days – offering this flexibility will improve sales

  10. Anthony Reed Fareham UNITED KINGDOM

    This is the age of the microchip. It is impossible for any business to keep up with competition and the progression of business without the ability to take the money from every customer that enters it's doors, should they wish to part with it. Telling them they can't pay with cards is simply delivering them into the hands of the competition; ergo losing money and business. Being able to use a card to pay for my purchase is simply a must in this moden age. I personally haven't stepped foot in any pub in at least the last 7 years where I couldn't pay with my card. Even if I don't pay for my first pint with my card, telling me I have to leave the pub before I can buy more because I ran out of cash is absurd.

  11. george riggs fareham UNITED KINGDOM

    The Fareham Pub has no card machine facility at all, which in this day and age of plastic money is absurd! Not many people carry sufficient money on them anyway, and the nearest atm is 10 minutes away, so if you run out of cash, that's yourr evening over, at least with card machine, you can continue to enjoy your evening! Lack of machine also turns customers away, as to survive in this day and age of drink driving a pubs main source of income is through a good restaurant and entertainment. Most people going out for a meal do not go out with a large wad of cash to cover the bill, they set up a tab, and put their food and drinks on it, and pay by card when they've done! At end end of day no card machine facility is making people walk passed the door, instead of through it!

  12. Hazel Hockey Fareham UNITED KINGDOM
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