Bring Back Donkey Kong Country

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Created October 22, 2007 by Diddy


Hello, NintenDonkey Kong is trying to bring back the Donkey Kong Country TV show. DKC was a funny show with a great plot. Shows like that should stay on TV forever. DKC is no exception. Please tell others to sign and we just might bring back the show.
NintenDonkey Kong

There are currently 11 signatures for this petition:

  1. Diddy Kong UNITED STATES

    Bring Back DKC!

  2. Dafydd Jones Stafford UNITED KINGDOM

    i love Donkey Kong country! it should be brought back!

  3. Easton Master dk Langley CANADA

    MAke it come back

  4. Captain Eddie Captain Eddie UNITED STATES

    Bring Back the show!

  5. Sonic Cuz UNITED STATES

    I remember when I use to air. It was one of the first shows done in 3D which was fitting as it went great with Rare's 3D art style. I enjoyed the series plots and humor. If you would please bring the show back.

  6. Maria Oviedo Spain SPAIN

    This show are funny for the children of the future, and if theres new episodes much better ^^!!!

  7. Nassah iamagum Ottawa CANADA


  8. Andrew Mortimer Southampton UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Kerise Folashade Ashley Myers UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Maria Oviedo SPAIN
  11. MaximeLoonatic SPAIN

    I would like to see new episode and new songs

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