Bring Back ‘fun Sessions’ At The Alness Swimming Pool

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Created June 25, 2012 by thebhoys7


To bring back ‘fun session’ on last week of swimming lessons

There are currently 18 signatures for this petition:

  1. thebhoys7 UNITED KINGDOM


  2. Andrew Clark UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back the fun week. The kids absolutely love it!

  3. Lorraine Wright

    Come on Alness, what happened to the inflatables sessions, my son loved them.

  4. yvonne finlayson UNITED KINGDOM

    all the kids need a fun session to give them confidence of playing in the water!!


    bring back fun sessions asap

  6. Elizabeth Gordon UNITED KINGDOM

    Kids all love the fun sessions!

  7. Valerie Edgar UNITED KINGDOM

    Please bring back fun week. It consolidates everything the kids have learned in a fun way. It also rewards all their hard work throughout the term.

  8. Stacey Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    My kids look forward to the fun session all term!

  9. Michelle Macaskill UNITED KINGDOM

    The children work hard throughout their sessions, they deserve a wee bit fun at the end!

  10. Lesley Ross UNITED KINGDOM

    The kids love and look forward to fun week.

    Fun week is a great way for the kids to put what theyve learnt in to practice.

    Bring back fun week

  11. Julie Milliken UNITED KINGDOM

    All work, no play :( Bring back FUN, FUN, FUN :)

  12. Wendy Parker

    My daughter will be so upset to miss out on the fun session. It’s the only time they get to interact with each other and the teachers in a fun way – so lovely to watch.

  13. zoe anderson UNITED KINGDOM

    I used to love this, I think the kids will too x

  14. Colleen McCool UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back FUN kids love it

  15. wendy urquhart UNITED KINGDOM

    the kids look forward to this

    bring back the fun session!!!!!!

  16. Angela McGoran UNITED KINGDOM

    Let the kids have some fun!!!

  17. Alanna Gliniecki

    I used to have great fun at the fun session at the end of term , and i think its a great way to let all the kids come together and play with each other and interact with there teacher before the holidays .

  18. katriona Smith

    My little girl and boy have benefited greatly with there swimming lessons at Alness swimming pool and they have both always looked forward to the fun session .

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