Bring back Tudor crisps

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Created July 10, 2008 by David


Remember Tudor crisps? Remember how GOOD they tasted? Totally full of flavour!Remember the RANGE of flavours? So much to choose from and incomparable in taste
I firmly believe that Tudor crisps and their range of flavours should be reinstated on the whole of this nation's supermarket and cornershop shelves and not just the lucky folk up north. This is a great marketing opportunity to bring back a truly great range of crisps that I'm sure if they taste as good now will be very, very popular indeed.
So please Walkers, bring back Tudor crisps and the awesome flavours they made!

There are currently 246 signatures for this petition:

  1. Alan Batey UNITED KINGDOM

    They were the Tastiest Cripss I ever Tasted

  2. Alan Batey UNITED KINGDOM

    I am Conc erned

  3. Shawdian

    My husband and I LOVE Tudor Crisps. We ate them by the dozen each week for they had the perfect taste and texture. No other crisps are like Tudor Crisps. PLEASE bring back Tudor Crisps and we will by them in this hundreds each and every year!

  4. Douglas Uttley

    My wife and I LOVE Tudor Crisps. We ate them by the dozen, they had the perfect taste and texture and so many flavours to choose from. PLEASE bring back Tudor Crisps, there is nothing like them.

  5. Starlight

    Loved these tudor Crisps, pickled onion, spring onion and gamon were my absolute favourites, please bring them backu


    Walkers are utter trash compared to Tudor. I feel if they ever did bring back Tudor, they would just be walkers in Tudor packaging. It is beyond me why they have never reproduced Spring Onion flavour, and ‘Sweet n Sour” were the ultimate crisp imho. I buy Golden Wonder now, and impost Tayto (spring onion and wuster sauce – yes I know, spelling – from Ireland). Get a grip Walkers! Bring back Tudor and their original flavours :)

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