British Egyptians Fighting Terrorism

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Created February 1, 2015 by Miriam Faragalla


We are a group of British Egyptians living in the united kingdom. We are truly concerned about the wave of terrorist attacks that have been taking place by the jihadist and isil both in europe. The scenes in Australia and Paris in the last few weeks were very alarming.

Terrorism is not just confined to the middle east any more, and to tackle this, it should be fought globally. If we do not stop the swarm of Jihadist’s all over the world, it is going to affect us all and our way of life; as with the power they operate with, we will soon cease to exist.

Since the Egyptian revolution on the 30/06/2013, and the overthrowing of the Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi, Egypt has been fighting a formidable enemy of civilisation known as the Muslim Brotherhood. They have commited atrocities from killing, crucifying and have maimed egyptians all over the country. They have burned businesses, mosques’s and over 80 coptic churches in egypt. The world stood by watching and supporting those terrorists declaring them moderate Islamist’s which is a big farce. The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother of all terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda, Hamas, ISIL, Boco Haram and others.

The atrocities of 7/7 and the beheading of Lee Rigby in the streets of Woolwich is still vivid in our minds and we do not understand why the British Government did not list the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation while it was officially declared as a terrorist group by the Egyptian Supreme Courts and in many Arab countries? Why do we still have the muslim brotherhood’s headquarters based in london? This is a time bomb waiting to explode in our faces here in the uk! We ask the british government to take a strong stance regarding those terrorists.

Egyptian Lobby UK

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  1. mourad kamel

    Looks like the British government not interested in protecting ENGLAND They had enough of being good British citizens I am as a forienger , I think a lot of things can be done to protect this country I live in the money made them blind the human rights laws they have designed became against them they cannot protect their own peopleome on their own land which become a breeding grounds for more terrorists what ashame ?!! sometimes I think is this England ??!!

  2. Mourad kamel UNITED KINGDOM

    Long live Ehypt
    Long live Egypt
    Long live Rgypt

    تحيا مصر
    تحيا مصر
    تحيا مصر

  3. Magda Hanafi

    The UK is protecting an international group of terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood, who, if anyone knows the Muslim religion will know that all the terrorist groups fighting in the name of Islam are offshoots of the mother group, the Brotherhood and having their main body currently in the UK with the UK protecting them, will blow in their faces and that of the whole of Europe. Do not forget that the biggest groups of Islamist are based in the UK and Germany acing as time bombs

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