British taxpayers should not have to pay for a euro bailout of Ireland

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Created November 16, 2010 by Matthew


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There are currently 2159 signatures for this petition:

  1. denzil Bell silloth UNITED KINGDOM

    I endorse anything that gives the EU nothing.

  2. Matthew Sinclair
  3. James Daley Newport KUWAIT
  4. Neill Smith Spencers Wood UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Avril King Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    Are we to bail out the world whilst we can't afford to treat our armed forces and pensioners with dignity?

  6. Mark Moran Coventry UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Christopher Daniel N/A


  8. David Atherton London UNITED KINGDOM

    It was the an Irish decision to do into the Euro and we deided not to. Why should we pay for ther mistakes?

  9. Stephen Chubb UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Dennis McCall Burton upon Trent UNITED KINGDOM

    We are not in the Eurozone and should not be required to support countries who are.

  11. Laura McEvoy Guildford UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Andrew M Chippenham UNITED KINGDOM

    We didn't do this to the Irish, they did it to themselves. We can't afford this.

  14. Dennis Boot Ripon UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Alex Deane London
  16. Paul Biggs Tamworth UNITED KINGDOM

    We can't afford to bailout the Euro or Ireland.

  17. Adrian Duffen Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Florence Heath London
  19. Jean-Paul Floru Westminster UNITED KINGDOM
  20. David Brothers Durham UNITED KINGDOM
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