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Created July 31, 2014 by Phil Holmes


The Domesday Cotswold village of Brize Norton with 350 houses is under threat from a housing development of 700 houses, effectively tripling the population of Brize. We are one of many villages whose way of life will be affected by the “plonking” (David Cameron’s term) of houses in the countryside. Please support us. Further information on our website at www. savebrizevillage. co. uk

Proposition 1: I oppose the building of a large housing estate comprising 700+ dwellings in the parish of Brize Norton.

Proposition 2: I do not want Brize Norton village to be swallowed up and become a part of a town.

Please sign our peition if you agree with both propositions

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 29 signatures for this petition:

  1. Laurie Grove UNITED STATES

    Brize Norton is an oasis in the desert of Carterton and Witney which have both been ruined by overdevelopment. I say this as someone who live in West Oxfordshire for twenty years.

  2. Claire Harrison UNITED KINGDOM

    Ill thought out development which does not take into account the inadequate road system, the lack of demand locally or the impact on the village.

  3. lynn shrewsbury UNITED STATES

    Brize Norton is truly a magical spot in our over-developed world. Please, please keep it u changed for future generations!

  4. Sarah Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    …Please don’t spoil it. Why have spillage in this lovely little village.

  5. Mary Gilham UNITED KINGDOM

    There are so many unused brownfield sites around Oxfordshire – why destroy another village!

  6. Steve Mellor

    The size of this proposed development will totally overwhelm the existing village and is completely out of proportion. There needs to be a radical rethink to downsize the proposal.

  7. Glen Pratley UNITED KINGDOM

    This site is inappropriate for many reasons – Urban sprawl, increased flooding, increased traffic, limited local employment opportunities, too far from the centre of Carterton, noise & light pollution from RAF Brize Norton…..

  8. Julie Pratley UNITED KINGDOM

    Brize Norton is a rural parish located in the Cotswolds that is listed in the Doom’s Day Book. The residents of the village have a strong sense of village community for all generations. The elimination of the buffer in some areas and drastic reduction of the buffer in other areas will impact village life. Becoming a suburb of Carterton will change and spoil the character and identity of our historical village.

  9. Philip Bolley UNITED KINGDOM

    This proposal will result in the loss of Brize Norton’s identity. The surrounding road structure including the A40 lacks the capacity to take this proposal.

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