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Created July 31, 2014 by Phil Holmes


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  1. Mr and Mrs Barber UNITED KINGDOM

    We have lived in our current home, which we chose to move to because of it’s location 5 years ago. Within this time there has been 2 of those years where we have been unable to use the downstairs toilet because of the rainfall, we are the lucky ones. There are neighbours further down the road that have been flooded for weeks because of this, are the council and planners to damn blind to see that the extra housing will just completely overload the infrastructure?

  2. Mark Barber UNITED KINGDOM

    Signature confirmation

  3. Dr Phil Holmes UNITED KINGDOM

    100% percent behind this

  4. Selwyn Shorrock UNITED KINGDOM

    the development will ruin our village

  5. Jill Shorrock UNITED KINGDOM

    it will treble the size of the village and completely spoil it.

  6. Mark Paterson UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no work as such in Carterton/Brize Norton to support more housing all this new housing will create more traffic onto an already overloaded road infrastructure.

  7. Mary Holmes UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t pillage Brize Village!

  8. Helene beckingham UNITED KINGDOM


  9. Keith Beckingham UNITED KINGDOM

    No local jobs, 80% out commuting already, 24/7 aircraft noise – totally unsustainable.

  10. Clive Homer UNITED KINGDOM

    If this plan goes ahead it will make a mockery of the much vaunted Localism.
    Brize Norton does not want it Carterton Town Council does not want it. How much more local can you get

  11. Diana Homer UNITED KINGDOM

    If built, who will buy these houses? No one who wants to live in them I suspect. It will become a buy to let enterprise filled with people looking for work elsewhere creating more chaos on the A40 and adding nothing to the local community.

  12. Maxine Bridges UNITED KINGDOM

    Has not been thought out one bit. Who will buy these houses?? No jobs around here. Only future jobs could possiblty be retail and those salaries just won’t pay the mortgages. People will not commute to Oxford/London as A40 is a car park most of the time. Just stupid on so many levels.

  13. Steve Bridges UNITED KINGDOM

    A complete joke. A greedy college want to sell some land. It allows the Council an easy way to show that they are addressing the ‘alleged’ housing shortfall. We regularly lose the use of our toilet, shower, washing machine after heavy rainfall in the village and this has been confirmed as to being due to the system not being able to cope following Shilton Park Development. We are being sweetened with news that any new system will drain in the opposite diretion but a Thames Water worked has confirmed that this is impossible! Absolutely sick of being taken for a ride.

  14. Annabel Mulcahy UNITED KINGDOM

    If these plans go ahead it will ruin Brize Norton. This is a peaceful and quaint village which stands to be irreversibly altered. The proposed houses will not be in keeping with the individual properties currently in existence. Furthermore, as others have rightly stated, the infrastructure is unlikely to be able to cope with such a huge increase in the number of dwellings.

  15. Christopher Mulcahy UNITED KINGDOM

    The plan to place 700 houses on the very boundary of Brize Norton will completely change the essence of this village. It will dramatically increase the size of the village which frankly would struggle to call itself a ‘village’ any longer. Brize Norton comprises of such a variety of individual houses that the proposed development would stand out as completely distinct from its surroundings. Is this fair to the village?
    Another issue is that Brize Norton already experiences a high degree of aviation noise and yet these houses are planned to be placed in greater proximity to the airbase than homes already complaining. Who would choose to live there and what quality of life could they expect?

  16. Harry Preston

    We have very good friends in Brize Norton village and we do not want it to become just another anonymous housing estate.

  17. Steve Huckin UNITED KINGDOM

    There are so many reasons why this is a crazy idea, aside from the disastrous result of the Village losing its identity, the local infrastructure just cannot cope. Drainage being a huge issue for some residents even now, mostly as a result of poor planning during the Shilton Park development, this is before any further run-off is taken away by the proposed eye sore. Notably the roads through the Village are unable to cope with current traffic demand, the development will only stand to make this more unbearable for both Villagers and commuters alike. The age old argument that provision of an on/off junction for the A40 will ‘ease things’ is not only recognition that there is already an issue, it’s farcical. From first hand experience – if you have any sense or have the luxury of a spare 2+ hrs to cover 15 miles of a morning/evening, you do not even consider heading toward Oxford on the A40 at peak traffic times. This already sees a majority of the East bound commuter traffic from Carterton and beyond, rat-running though the village to get to/from Oxford and beyond via the A420, all the time speeding past young children attempting to cross the road to the VILLAGE school, and older kids catching buses on to surrounding Secondary schools. I see this every morning, it is dangerous. The idea that the new residents will live and work in Carterton is a nice thought, but simply unrealistic, unless I have missed something and one of the many(!) new Supermarkets are offering well paid jobs/terms. Also, I very much doubt that even the combined forces of WODC and Thames Water have the ability to defy gravity and make water flow up hill…..!!??

  18. Adam Prior UNITED KINGDOM

    Building more houses to support a growing population is a great idea, however with increasing house prices in Oxford and the surrounding areas, this new build will only mean that people who would have rented to bought in Oxford will be tempted by the more affordable housing here in Brize and have to travel in every day using Brize Nortons small roads and the already hugely over crowded A40 into Oxford! Carterton now has 3 Large Superstores, which has made the town centre much more congested, so add another 700 families (potentially 1400 cars) this will only compound the problem on the roads. This is not to mention the extra strain on the already over stretched health service and the already mentioned drainage issues!

  19. Rose Meadows

    When my husband left the airforce 20 odd years ago we moved into Brize Norton.
    We wanted to live in a village and we want to stay living in a village.
    If we had wanted to live in Carterton we would have done so then.

  20. Mr Stanley Matthews UNITED KINGDOM

    We have just moved here and it is very important it is not swallowed up into Carterton

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