Castrating Peadophiles

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Created March 11, 2016 by Kinsay Smith


As of yesterday march 10th 2016 i found out that this man, my dad has just been sent back to prison because hes a peadophile! It should be made into law that scumbags like him agree to be medically castrated before being let back into society again. It works in america so why are we so different??? This man doesnt care he keeps getting arrested because hes a peadophile they only have 1 thought in life and thats kids. I am a mum of 5 girls im also 1/5 girls of his he has never done anythin to me and my sisters or my children or my sisters children but hes done it to other peoples children other peoples sisters. He keeps getting away with it 12 measly months he has got for being a peadophile. Some people dont agree with me exposing him but i dont care my children know hes a pervert and a danger to society because if they didnt and he turned up at there schools tgey wouldnt no not to go with him amd thats where i will have failed my kods as their mother. We all share posts and links and stories of other perverts so why i do the same to my own dad??? Because hes blood?? Because hes my dad? No hes just the same as every other peadophile! I hope this goes far and wide and the law changes on peadophiles because whilst this scumbag is making videos of kids and looking at indecent images of kids our kods will never be safe

please sign!!! Thank you
k smith

There are currently 10 signatures for this petition:

  1. Rebecca stringer GERMANY

    Because this scum bag is my father and I like my older sister agree with everything she has said and this man needs to be stopped protect all them children and find these websites of young children and close then down

  2. Kate mccourt GERMANY

    Absolute scum of society, they don’t even deserve to breath so castrating them is a light punishment. Death sentence not possible here, so castrating them is the next best thing! Every one should sign!

  3. Kate GERMANY

    They shouldn’t even be able to breath the same air, but they are, so castrating is the next best thing

  4. gina simon

    All of the above. They get away with it far too easy, chop it off, there less of a risk.

  5. Stephen Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    This is the only choice for this offence especially for repeat offenders

  6. Suzanne Collins UNITED KINGDOM

    I was abused from age 6 by my paedophile grandfather. He told me my two little brothers, who both had cystic fibrosis would have to go in care if I told anyone and they would die and it would be my fault.
    He died before I was old enough to report him so he got away with it. Many children are suffering now and anything that stops these evil animals touching innocent kids should be done asap

  7. corrina UNITED KINGDOM

    Because you are 1 strong Lady I totally respect you and your decision x


    They are the scum of the earth

  9. adam arrand UNITED KINGDOM

    My step father became a peadofile and it makes me sick twice he has been sent to prison just for 12 months his second offence being 20times worse than the first he has not learnt so castrate him and forget about human rights where is the children human rights

  10. adam arrand UNITED KINGDOM

    Forget there human rights what about the children that has to go through the horror where is there human rights

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