Change to prosecution law of dog owners under the Dangerous Dogs Act

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Created October 25, 2009 by Elaine

Animal Welfare

I am a dog owner and I run a pet care business. 6 weeks ago our family dog was brutally attacked and killed by two other dogs. I have come to find that there is no prosecution to dog owners if their dog seriously injures or kills another dog. It is only if the dog hurts a human. I understand that to some people a dog is just an animal and not a human being. But what about when a dog is part of your family? It is just the same as losing a family member.

I would like the government to change the dangerous dogs act to have tighter prosecution laws on owners if their dog attacks or seriously injures another dog. At present The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 stipulates that they will only prosecute if a dog is acting dangerously in a public place and it is a dog on human attack.

As a nation of pet lovers, we share our homes with 7.3 million dogs and 78% of dog owners agree that

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  1. Julie Smith Woking UNITED KINGDOM

    I own two dogs one is dog nervous agressive of other dogs and is kept on a lead due to this problem – it is not difficult to keep other dogs safe just keep your dog on a lead.

  2. Joanna Hardeman UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Rebecca Stoker Ellon
  4. Michael Spayne Stockton-on-Tees UNITED KINGDOM

    I am very sorry for what happened to your dog, my cocker spaniel has just been savagely attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier and I am in the process of liaising with the police but – as you point out – the law as it stands is inadequate.

  5. Lisa Godson Wolverhampton UNITED KINGDOM

    I would be really grateful if you could inform me as to the results of this petition and whether the Dangerous Dogs Act is changed.

  6. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM

    our little Yorkie was attacked and killed by an Alsatian last week a dog that can do this is can not be trusted again

  8. Ric Challinor Cheadle Hule UNITED KINGDOM

    recently lost a dear family pet due to an out of control dangerous Alsatian

  9. karen yapp ludlow UNITED KINGDOM

    We have lost our beloved pet this week by a rottweiler, she was not just a pet but a member of our family,my 12 year old son witnessed this, and will have that memory for the rest of his life,it could be a small child next time, the law must be changed


    2 days ago our dear, sweet shihtzu Lollie was attacked and killed in my local park at 7am in the morning. She was killed by 2 staff cross breeds, thankfully there were 2 park wardens on duty who came to the scene, I was screaming and shouting at the owner to try and get her dogs off mine, she did nothing except watch, then ran off with her dogs. Fortunately the park warden identified her as our local pet shop owner, who had previously been warned about her dogs being dangerous, she had infact received a warning from the local council regards this. The dogs were neither on leads or muzzled, yet she knew they were dangerous. The police were called to the scene but have now passed it to the RSPCA to investigate as they will not pursue a prosecution as it was a dog on dog attack. The law MUST be changed, this has left me with the trauma of having to witness my family dogs violent, horrific and painfull death and has, as a family left us all devastated. We miss our dog so very much, whilst these dogs are still in the care of their irresponsible and knowing that she runs a pet shop we can assume she’s an ‘animal lover’, this seems so very wrong by anyones standards. Please help to push for this law to be changed. RIP Lollie, we miss you.


    I have two little dogs of my own and it is no longer a pleasure to walk them for the fear of dogs of leads.My little toy poodle was attacked by a masstive thankfully he survived.

  12. Richard clark UNITED KINGDOM

    Should have been law years ago!

  13. deborah bowler UNITED KINGDOM

    my black labrador was viscously attacked on mothers day by pack of 10 dogs while out in back garden with my 2 grandchildren these dogs attacked him for 25mins and had to endure a 4 hour operation to save his life. We are setting up a petition around somerset to get the law changed luckily enough for me i know my MP who says he will take a petition to parliament on my behalf. Ihope you dont mind if i copy your petition forms for my own use. thanks

  14. L.W.Holloway UNITED KINGDOM

    See Telegraph article 10/4/12 . It seems that there may be more than one petition with the same aim. I suggest tge petition owners get together.

  15. Amie Bond UNITED KINGDOM

    so sad :-(

  16. julie cain UNITED KINGDOM


  17. gerald scott UNITED KINGDOM
  18. N jones UNITED KINGDOM

    my dog was nearly killed by a dangerous dog nothing done !

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