Channel 4 Sack The Racist And Discriminatory Frankie Boyle

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Created December 23, 2010 by Bof

Human Rights

Frankie Boyle is being defended by Channel 4, who claim he is 'cutting edge'. I do not see what is 'cutting edge' about relying on racist and discriminatory language and subject matter that mosty 'comedians' ditched twenty years ago. I see it as not only a retrograde step for comedy, but also a thinly veiled excuse for Boyle to attack whomever he pleases and dress it up as 'funny'. The man obviously has a chip on his shoulder that Channel 4 are allowing him to vent, whilst alienating half their audienc in the process.rnrnBoyle is indefensible, and his dumbing down of comedy is unforgiveable. Both he and Channel 4 are in serious breach of Broadcasting laws, as laid down by Ofcom.

Sign this petition if you want to see this vile, disgusting, hateful excuse of a man sent to the dole queue where he belongs, and embarrass Channel 4 into admitting that they are hypocrites – after all, did they not eject Emily Parr from Big Brother a few years back for using the exact same word as Boyle did last night…?

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  1. Bof . London UNITED KINGDOM

    Boyle should face civil charges for his lazy 'comedy'; anyone else would.

    He's a hate criminal, and should be banned from TV forever.

  2. Janice Aurelie bradford UNITED KINGDOM

    Ban him? Imprison him. Sicko.

  3. sinead petworth-kenny milton keynes

    I suffer from long term conditions and am disabled and also a owner of a health chairty and the things we is joking about are not funny and are sick

  4. Gordon Bisset Lincolnshire UNITED KINGDOM

    I am sick and tired of all the smart arse and clever dick so-called comedians on television especially this one and it's time the government sorted out the management of this organisation and the BBC who were happy for Brand and Ross to do their 'stuff'.

  5. jacqueline williams UNITED KINGDOM

    this sickness has to stop ~ now

  6. louise douglas UNITED KINGDOM

    he is a disgrace to humanity, nether mind comedy

  7. Mark Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    Disgusting allowing disability discrimination to go unchecked

  8. Damian McLoughlin UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with you all. This man should face criminal charges. Insulting another human because of their physical appearance and all under the disguise of so called humour is nevertheless a form of discrimination and racism. This poor excuse for a human should be imprisoned.


    He is vile he slagged off katie price’s disabled son Harvey and now he gone and spoke on the Mcains which he shoud be in the dock for.Nobody shoud work with him now, unless it’s in community service.He would certainly keep his dirty mouth shut in prison as he would be scum to them.

  10. Lauren wilson

    What’s the difference between the young women who was sentenced for placing bacon on the handle of the mosque and his jokes both discriminatory acts, both should be punished.

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