Child Support Laws need Modification

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Created December 15, 2010 by Gregory

Human Rights

Child Support Laws need to be reviewed and modified. There are a vast amount of injustices that are going hand and hand with the laws and guidelines in place. Let this petition as well as the signatures acquired serve as a red flag to the current Child support laws and a modification be taken into serious consideration.Majority of parents paying child support are men and some (not all) of these men are not with the mother of the minor child because they could not get along. Whatever the reason may be, in several situations matching the above exampled focus is drawn to the non custodian parent ability to obtain the support by any means or any number of harsh punishment can and will be carried out with extreme force. Reasons for the harshness of the punishments have been speculated but leaned more towards a shouts of conspiracy. Jail time and suspending licenses just to name a couple, and these punishment go across the board weather you make the most effort you can make but still fall short of complying with the order or you blatantly just neglect the order and try by every means to elude the order. These laws set in place to prevent dead beats from shucking parenting duties is where this flaw lies. This does not only serve its supposed purpose but on the other end it catching a lot of good hard working people in its web and makes a stressful situation of trying to do the right thing despite not being able to into a rare case of being punished for doing your best and all that is in your power. That action sends the wrong message to us as a people. Earlier mentioned, when the mother and father of the minor child are not together as a couple they are not always on good term which can lead to a for of emotional neglect to the minor child. While the current child support laws do server there purpose of weeding out the "Dead Beats" it is responsible for punishing the innocent and hard working, it all in itself is responsible for leaving some children emotionally in the cold.(The exact numbers I do not know but even one child whose emotional needs are not being met or are being neglected is one child too many) Couples consoling can and should be mandatory for any child support order issued. That would serve to flush out custodian parents that are not in that great of a need for support from receiving too much and taking away from the non custodian parent, also would be able to show if child support is being used as a weapon to get back at the other parent for personal reasons,lastly it would server as a mending for the once couple so that they can move forward as better parents and teach their minor child that relationships are not a bad thing and give the minor child a more balanced life.

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  1. Gregory Beard Sedalia,Missouri,USA
  2. Sharliene Beard Sedalia, Missouri

    I have been asked why I haven't gone after child support, and the answer is simple. If I am after "revenage" like some of these other men/women who seek child support, I am going to go after it in another way. Child support, to me, is a waste of time for both the mother and the father to have to deal with. Nothing gets accomplished for either side. What does jail time really accomplish for the mother and getting her money? Nothing. The father still hasn't paid/won't pay. What good does taking his/her license? Once again, no one is getting paid. I cannot stand the parents (mothers mostly) who feel they are owed something because they are raising a child on their own. Here's an idea…why not appreciate the fact that you are taking care of YOUR child on your own (in some cases) and that the other dead beat parent is out of your life as well as the child. If it was that important, the missing parent would be there in the first place (that is if you are one of those females/males that is only out for revenage). If you need money that badly…GET A JOB LIKE THE REST OF US!!!\r\n\r\nYour goal as a parent shoule be to keep a realtionship with the missing parent (unless he/she is abusive or a pedafile) for the benifit and well being of the child- what good are you doing by doing all you can to keep a parent who wants to be apart of their childs life away from their child? In the end you are going to be the one looking like an idiot. What are you going to say when your child gets older and finds out the truth? Keep lying? THAT'S SELFISH!! WHAT A ROLE MODEL YOU ARE FOR YOUR CHILD- WHAT A GREAT LESSON TO TEACH YOUR CHILD. HYPOCRITE!\r\n\r\nFor those parents who are trying to be there for their child and do all they can to keep regular payments, but are struggling. For the parents who are doing all they can to do the right thing but are being told "no" every step of the way, fight. The only way we are going to ever fix this is to fight. I'll be right there on your side too. I hate child support and all that it stands for. It's supposed to be for the child, I have yet to meet one mother/father who use that money FOR THE CHILD. I work everyday with kids, and I see so many parents who take their childs check (child support or otherwise) and use it for them or drugs…while their child is in clothes they can't breath in or their hair and teeth aren't clean. It hurts me to see mom or dad walking around in name brand clothes while their child looks dirty and their clothes don't fit. Have we really come to this- do we really care about ourself more than we care about our own flesh and blood, our own children. These kids are our future, but all I see at work is half of them being no better in life than their own parents because for some reason their parent's don't care anymore. When did you as a parent stop caring about your child and more about getting a stupid child support check that may or may not come?\r\n\r\nI personally and disgusted with mothers/fathers who only see their children as income, and I will fight just like the rest of the parents who are willing to fight against child support. I will be right there on the front line screaming, yelling, cussing and kicking until something is done.\r\n\r\n\r\nTo those parents who just want the check for extra spending money….I'll keep praying for you.

  3. Sheila Fulton Knob Noster UNITED STATES
  4. alonzo Franklin VI sedalia Missouri UNITED STATES


  5. jennifer saban ware UNITED KINGDOM

    the csa need to make changes ti their policy. my husband is forced to pay an amount we cannot afford for a child he is not able to see, they force you to pay yet nobody forces the mother to let you see the child! its just not right! they also calculate it wrong and use 'over time' and 'comission' that isnt guaranteed, therefore, they expect you to pay money that you dont actually get! its a joke!

  6. Malcolm Van Schaick Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    The legislatiis flawed and the CSA is not fit for purpose. How can it be that £3.7 billion pounds remains uncollected and that there are people who have never paid and will never pay, and yet the CSA come back to those who pay for more and more? That is discrimination!

  7. anthony mulholland UNITED KINGDOM

    i payed my ex every week with cash in her hand then we had a fall out due to me not giving her,her own way and she went to csa and told them i have not payed for 3 years and i had a bill to pay for 4000 pound which they took from my wage and told me if i have no proof then tough!!

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