Crime and Punishment

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Created August 14, 2010 by Dave


For far too long now Europe has had it's say in just how the UK should punish it's criminals. Our MP's do nothing to help bring down the crime in this country, while each day we read of muggings rapes murders out of control youths on housing estates gun crime etc perhaps it's now timme to go back to the old ways and make the punishment fit the crime Birch repeated Yong offenders, time meaning hard labour a choice of life or execution for murder. Let's send a message to our Prime Minister and our MP's

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  1. Francis Bowers Northampton UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Robert Morrell Invergordon UNITED KINGDOM

    Thanks to the do-gooders who banned smacking, this country has gone out of control. HELLO! Smacking a child is not assault, it is a punishment for wrongdoing. Also, teachers can't do anything to kids these days thanks to some idiot in Brussels. For Pete's sake, stop farting about and bring back corporal punishment at home and school. No wonder kids can get away with things. As for crime, if you harm or kill anyone, you should be given life and that MEANS LIFE. Stop the human rights trump card malarkey, if you do wrong, you have no human rights. So come on Government, use some common sense and bring back the old way of dealing with little brats.

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