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Created April 16, 2010 by Mel

Animal Welfare

The reason i have started this petition is because my daughter was biteen by a american pitt/american mastif. Owned by my neighbour.
The police and the RSPCA will not do nothing about this.
I start this petition to make a stand.
I want the RSPCA to do several inspections over a minium of 6 months. I believe if the RSPCA would do their job that they would see that this type of dog should NOT be around children.
And i believe they will see it in the publics best interest to remove this dog from doing any more harm.
My daughter was bitten and very lucky to only be scared, i say only she has that scar for life.
The next child this dog bites may not be so lucky.
So i dont think i am asking too much from the RSPCA to do their jobs and keep us safe.
Please sign my petition and help me get this dog removed from a house where children live. If not for my daughter then for the safety of the children it shares it home with!!

There are currently 157 signatures for this petition:

  1. Amy Dell leighton buzzard UNITED KINGDOM

    that is awfull!! i totally think it shoudl be removed to save this from happening to other children on your street.

  2. charlie bannerman leighton buzzard UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Terri Bradshaw nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    i totally agree with having this dog put down i have a 1 year old and i would feel the same if it happened to her.

  4. Tina Cole luton UNITED KINGDOM

    This dog should be destroyed any dog that bites any child unprovoked should be destroyed before it has the chance to do it again

  6. Ashok Kukran London UNITED KINGDOM

    hope she is all right\r\nAll dengerous pit should bee baned

  7. e burke yeovil UNITED KINGDOM

    we need to reintroduce some kind of dog licence again like we had when I was growing up. as the owner of a 'rescue'dog it just might make people more responsible when owning a dog. I hope this gets sorted before a tragedy hits the news again!

  9. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM
  11. veronique gacoin sinbury on thames UNITED KINGDOM

    The law only seems to protect people who offend!
    The police doesn't do anything about dangerous dogs and nothing about the antisocial behaviour of yobs, what is the point of having a police force when your are a law abiding citizen?

  12. Rebecca Case Aberdeen
  13. Richard Wilkinson Southport UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Lester Corncrake UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Al Walkinshaw Livingston UNITED KINGDOM

    Once a dog has bitten a child it should be put to sleep. Especially a dog of that breed. Attacks are becoming more and more frequent and someone has to do something now.

  16. stephanie green barnsley UNITED KINGDOM
  17. mr m done UNITED KINGDOM
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