De-mod Ludolic

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Created August 20, 2011 by David Marsh


Petition to demod Ludoic, cause he always gets on everyone’s nerves and won’t shut up about bloody maps left right and center!

There are currently 5 signatures for this petition:

  1. Morgan Maynard (xYuux) UNITED STATES

    I didn’t like the guy since day one since he’s always interrupted and hence also being completely rude to the admins (which some are my friends). He needs to learn to show respect, not make Martyn his bitch and try to make the Livestream go his way. Sorry, but it needs to be done, please. He’s immaturity is enough, he was only mod for the Adventurecraft. I mean no offense but I don’t like it when someone disrespects those I care. kthnxbai,


    what a douche…

  3. Connie London UNITED KINGDOM

    He had a go at me fOR NOTHING >.>

  4. Mr. Sapling UNITED STATES

    now i like lud as a person, but as a mod he can get a bit anoying

  5. Leigh-Ann (MistieeMine) UNITED KINGDOM

    Hes really annoying and contstantly not being nice to David ect.

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