Don’t let the train factory in Derby close

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Created July 2, 2011 by frederick


A petition to the Prime Minister.

Concerns for the factory were immediately raised when it lost the £1.4bn Thameslink contract last month, as most of its other projects are ending in the near future.

Please take notice of signatures below and do not let the train factory in Derby close.

The government should be supporting the Rail industry in the United Kingdom.

There are currently 30 signatures for this petition:

  1. Clive Cookson UNITED KINGDOM

    Of course the contract should have gone to Bombardier,just another example of adhering to EU rules.

  2. Sandra Dove UNITED KINGDOM

    Fed up of seeing industries over here disappearing and buying abroad. Buy British even if it costs a bit more!!!!!

  3. David Porter UNITED KINGDOM

    keep british industries for future generations

  4. Sylvia Porter UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep British People employed

  5. Lynda Edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    Our country was great when we had a manufacturing industry. We desperately need to retain the factories we still have in order to rescue our ailing economy.

  6. Douglas G Fulcher UNITED KINGDOM

    We cannot afford to close this factory with the loss of jobs that would follow.
    It must surely be better to keep people employed and not have to pay benefit.

  7. Chris Maskell UNITED KINGDOM

    What happened to the British manufacturing industry? We import EVERYTHING whilst people wast their lives on Benefits. Politics makes no sense to the common man anymore…

  8. harriet dell

    Madness to let it close. Whoever owns it, we need these factories in our country. In our future. We need these skills here.

  9. phillip butt

    British jobs for british workers, we needed better public transport!

  10. Peter Fletcher UNITED KINGDOM


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