Don’t Take Down The Dead Baby Page! Believe In Freedom Of Speech!

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Created August 12, 2012 by Kitmit

Human Rights

This is a very offensive facebook page that tells jokes. The title of the facebook page is clear, as it is called “dead baby jokes. ” it warns any who click it to not view the content if they are sensitive. Yet a lot of people come to the page and complain and sign petitions to take the site down. Although facebook and the police have both made statements saying they will not remove it i wanted to show that a lot of people care for freedom of speech. People think that taking this page down will make everyone happy but it won’t. It will upset peoples firm belief in freedom of speech and take peoples rights away. Show you support freedom of speech by signing this! Note: signing this does not mean you “like” the jokes it just shows you don’t want it removed :)

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  1. Kitmit



    People have their own views on what jokes are funny and what jokes aren’t some people may not like it, but some people do.

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