Dredge The River Severn

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Created February 9, 2014 by Flood Victim


This is a petition to get the environment agency / eric pickles to dredge the river severn through worcestershire & gloucestershire. Until 25 years ago the river was dredged through this area and farmland & fewer properties were flooded. Please sign and promote through facebook, twitter etc. Thank you

There are currently 19 signatures for this petition:

  1. Flood Victim UNITED KINGDOM

    Been flooded twice, do not want to be flooded again!

  2. lewis whelan UNITED KINGDOM

    previous flood victim

  3. Ashley Hudson

    Previous flood Victim

  4. Brian Clarke UNITED KINGDOM

    Helps to protect our village

  5. H. Avril Kemp UNITED KINGDOM

    In my opinion dredging will increase the capacity of rivers to remove water. Ditches and drains should be dug out and maintained also.


    It will help to move waters away quickly and to protect those communities without flood defences

  7. Muff Murfin UNITED KINGDOM

    The river will take more water before it floods.

  8. Colin Stronach UNITED KINGDOM

    Any thing that can be done to help the misery that flooding causes should be done and by dredging the rivers and clearing the brooks this will help increase water flow and hopefully reduce water build up

  9. Bridget Whelan UNITED KINGDOM

    Anything that will help protect our village

  10. Jayne Zadeikis UNITED KINGDOM

    I live near the river and the brook in Kempsey, the bund held this time will it next time i am not so sure! With all of the houses that are going to be built in Kempsey and St Peters the water has to go somewhere. Dredgeing the River has got to HELP US.

  11. Sarah Brooks UNITED KINGDOM

    I think the people and businesses affected by the flooding of the River Severn deserve as much help as they can get, and dredging the river has to be a priority to prevent further disruption, damage and chaos in the region.

  12. Melanie Pullen

    If it helps . Been flooded twice luckily escaped this one so far but the worrying doesn’t go away.

  13. Debra Bennett UNITED KINGDOM

    all rivers should be dredged!!

  14. John Michael UNITED KINGDOM

    Whenever I’ve raised this issue with the Environment Agency as my role as a Kempsey Parish Councillor I have been consistently told that dredging is not a cost effective option and does little to increase the flow rate or capacity of the river / brook channels.
    I take the view that there must now be a coordinated response nationwide to manage these regularly occurring events and dredging / clearing of ALL watercourses should form part of this programme. There needs to be a structure in place to do this as many riparian landowners are not meeting their obligations in this matter and it may be the E.A. will have to do this and charge accordingly through the council tax system. Dredging not only improves the flow and capacity of major rivers but the spoil can be used to build up the banks to form a natural flood defence wherever possible. But dredging must be part of a sustainable management plan that is carried out continualy throughout the year.

  15. Ben Bowden

    have been flooded 3 times since 2007, silt build up in the river is worse than ever…. it must be dredged

  16. Lynn Woodman UNITED KINGDOM

    My home has been flooded in 2000, 2007,2012 & 2013, the timescales are getting ever closer and the River Severn is so badly silted that hardly any craft can get up and down so thats a sign of the times surely ?? Please dredge the river !!

  17. R Bowden

    Flooded every year, cut off, unable to get out to work or get shopping etc…etc…

  18. Patrick Morrissey UNITED KINGDOM

    After years of trying to persuade people that a river of 3′ depth carried as much water as one 12′ deep, the EA has finally admitted that dredging is part of the solution. Part of the problem has been that the gauges have been in the wrong place i.e. within the banks of the river rather than where flooding occurs. So far there is little indication that the EA will actually do any dredging. Perhaps we have to wait for the next catastrophic flood.

  19. Patricia Whitfield

    I live on the flood plain and have been flooded several times. The promised river maintenance after the 2007 flood never materialised. It’s time to get on with it!

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