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Created February 10, 2011 by Mike


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  1. Mike Barnett Owermoigne UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no financial justfication. no one asked for it, no one wants it, but if we do not make them rethink now it will happen.

  2. Ken Bartlett Wool UNITED KINGDOM

    This construction would be a disaster for Hamworthy Park it would not only end windsurfing and kitesurfing here but it would obliterate the fabulous view across to the Islands in the harbour.

  3. Tim Framptin Wimborne UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Shaun Bridgman Poole UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Mary Parsons Poole UNITED KINGDOM
  6. karl dean wareham UNITED KINGDOM

    ludicrous idea

  7. Chris Shaw poole UNITED KINGDOM

    I'm totally against this idea

  8. Sara Al-Awadhi Poole, Hamworthy KUWAIT

    Up until this point, Hamworthy Park has only had to deal with seaweed and the odd vandle. I dread to think what a hoard of boat owners will deposit on the beach of Hamworthy park. If one needs reminding, go to the slipway off lake road, and do take a plastic bag with you to pick up the varied bits and larger objects , of rubbish.

  9. Carola Zogolovitch Hamworthy, Poole UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Justin Bignell Poole UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Shirley Chick Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    Too big, too intrusive, too greedy and completely unacceptable

  12. Colin Lambert Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    I cannot believe that the PHC want to destroy our beautiful harbour with YET ANOTHER Marina. Most moorings of which will probably be used by 'out of town-ers' and yet we have to put up with the eyesore of hundreds MORE boats.
    The harbour is overcrowded already, we DO NOT need anymore overcrowding.

  13. john stevenson poole UNITED KINGDOM

    has mdl got an oar in this? if a proper bridge was built we woudnt have this

  14. rachel such poole UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Douglas Barham Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    It sounds as if the intention is to steam roller this plan through without taking into consideration the feelings of locals like myself.

  16. Malcolm King Hamworthy, Poole. UNITED KINGDOM

    Developers apart, who can argue that the proposal would be of benefit to the local population and not destroy one of the finest views in Dorset when viewed from Hamworthy Park and its surroundings. As with all marinas, it would prove to be little more than a boat park with the vast majority of vessels remaining at their berths for at least 90% of the time.How many craft, I wonder, are used for more than 100 hours in a season.


  17. Keith Fuller Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    I strongly object to the proposal. I am a windsurfer and user of Hamworthy Park for walking. This development would destroy a valuable sports amenity which is enjoyed by windsurfers and kiteboarders and by onlookers, among whom are families holidaying in the area.

  18. sandra clay poole UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Anne-Marie Clark Poole UNITED KINGDOM

    If you had got the bridge right in the first place…
    please reconsider this – its too big and no thought for the locals

  20. Randolph Meech Poole UNITED KINGDOM
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