End Common Purpose In The UK NOW

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Created December 19, 2009 by Adam


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  1. Adam Alden Mere UNITED KINGDOM

    The truth is out about Common Purpose!\\r\\n\\r\\nIf you have any heart, and you care for this country, please do the right thing for the people of the United Kingdom and get rid of Common Purpose from our society.\\r\\n\\r\\nThank You.

  2. John Hazley Shaftesbury UNITED KINGDOM

    End this evil Common Purpose and give us and our children the chance of a better future!

  3. Simon Parry Gloucester UNITED KINGDOM

    How can we criticise corrupt regimes such as the Mugabe Government when we have this evil on our doorstep!\\r\\n\\r\\nHang EVERYBODY in Common Purpose – bring back the death penalty for these b*stards!

  4. Gareth Williams Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    End Common Purpose Fascist Rule NOW!

  5. Simon Wilkinson Coventry UNITED KINGDOM

    Common Purpose is killing Coventry and the West Midlands (look up West Midlands Regional Assembly!) – end this madness PLEASE!!!!!

  6. Gavin Henshaw Malvern UNITED KINGDOM

    It\\\\\\\'s started up here now – plans to bring more Gypsy camps in at top end of town and move more ethnic minorities in when young white kids can\\\\\\\'t even rent here or in upton/bromyard.\\r\\n\\r\\nagree with what simon said – hang these evil people who have committed treason against the UK!

  7. Simon Williams Stafford UNITED KINGDOM

    hadn\\\\\\\'t heard about this until i did some research – common purpose are in at the university campuses here and in stoke.\\r\\n\\r\\nthey are ruining staffordshire and they all need deporting – every single last one of them!

  8. Laura Morrison Lanark UNITED KINGDOM

    Common Purpose is killing Scotland – end this madness please!

  9. Sarah Whitaker Calne UNITED KINGDOM

    I hadn\'t heard of Common Purpose until I researched as to why my Mother was unfairly sacked from her job as an NHS Nurse.

    We have extremely evil people controlling society and it is high time they were stopped and brought to book for their crimes against the people!

  10. Stuart Wright Cranfield UNITED KINGDOM

    CP is everywhere – including the armed forces.\\r\\n\\r\\nBliar and Brown should face the law courts along with Ms. Middleton.

  11. Paul Thomas Carmarthen UNITED KINGDOM

    Common Purpose are running err ruining the local council here in Carmarthenshire.\\r\\n\\r\\nExplain how a loan, paid for by taxpayers, can be given to a senior Baptist minister and Freemason with a history of fraud and sex offences?\\r\\n\\r\\nCommon Purposeites MUST hang!

  12. Gerald Evans Cardigan UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with what\\\\\\\'s being said – I\\\\\\\'ve seen communities die and people suffer because of this. Please Mr. Brown, we cannot take much more of this!

  13. William Yip Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    end the madness, thanks.

  14. Ian Harper Lincoln UNITED KINGDOM

    It\\\\\\\'s here in Lincolnshire too.\\r\\n\\r\\nAs a former NHS worker, I\\\\\\\'ve seen it stifle the health industry. We need to be rid of it and fast!

  15. Jason Watkins Neath UNITED KINGDOM

    Remember that girl who killed herself in Neath? Well, her death like that of 27 in Bridgend was due to these Common Purpose b*stards!\\r\\n\\r\\nShoot Julia Middleton & her evil cronies!

  16. David Parker Merthyr UNITED KINGDOM

    Common Purpose is killing the Valleys

  17. Fiona Nugent Yeovil UNITED KINGDOM

    give us our country back!

  18. Lee Andrews Darlington UNITED KINGDOM

    we demand OUR freedom!

  19. Tina Buckley Hawarden UNITED KINGDOM

    Bliar\\\\\\\'s phoney Faith Foundation needs looking at too – probably the only beneficiary there is Bliar himself. A multi million tax fraud paid for by good law abiding people.\\r\\n\\r\\nMakes me sick – what would Winston Churchill say?

  20. Danielle Taylor Arundel UNITED KINGDOM

    The UK needs defending NOW against these agents of the devil.

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