End Common Purpose In The UK NOW

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Created December 19, 2009 by Adam


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There are currently 55 signatures for this petition:

  1. David Stevens Telford UNITED KINGDOM

    the local police here are definately in CP – brown wants shooting

  2. Sian Evans Bargoed UNITED KINGDOM

    shame on labour!

  3. Gavin Thomas Bridgend UNITED KINGDOM

    thanks 2 these bastards i lost my best mate – there needs to be an inquest into common purpose and its people

  4. Fiona May Thatcham UNITED KINGDOM

    up yours common purpose!

  5. Andrew Thorne Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    hitler would have been proud – these vermin need execution!

  6. Steve Alford Andover UNITED KINGDOM

    we are sleepwalking into the orwellian facist state and need to wake up pronto!

  7. Jason Edwards Swindon UNITED KINGDOM

    in my grandfather\'s day, they shot turncoats – they should execute the common purpose scum in the same way!

  8. Neil Saunders Dover UNITED KINGDOM

    If the Common Purpose catchphrase \\\\\\\"leading beyond authority\\\\\\\" doesn\\\\\\\'t send a chill down the spine of anyone with genuinely democratic instincts, I don\\\\\\\'t know what could.

  9. Michael Saunders Fulham UNITED KINGDOM

    This cult is pure evil.

  10. John simmonds gravesend UNITED KINGDOM

    All activities in relation to public spending must be open and transparent. This is a secret society, who\\\\\\\'s apparent aim is to lay between the elected and the executive. This has grave anti democratic possibilities. If what Common Purpose believes what it is doing is right, they must abide by the regulations which most organisations abide by. Open structure, with stated aims and articles of association. It should be made a criminal offence for members in public office to belong to or affiliate with any such organisation.The charitable status of this organisation should be revoked and its activities investigated by individuals who have had no involvement with them whatsoever.Where necessary individuals who have committed criminal acts should feel the full force of the law.

  11. David Brothers Durham UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Daniel Roberts Warrington UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Mike Wilard Beverley UNITED KINGDOM

    A very insidious crowd indeed

  14. Helen Davies Milton Keynes UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Wayne Morris Port Talbot UNITED KINGDOM
  16. mark bloom bham UNITED KINGDOM

    these people have been a scourge on my life,i will join with anyone prepared to fight for whats right,in a peaceful manner,i wish you success

  17. C Morgan Rochdale UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Kacey Coburn Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    I just wonder why Region is requested here.
    Next we'll be referred to as 'Citizens'..

  19. Dean Rose Durham UNITED KINGDOM
  20. John Concannon SWITZERLAND

    It past time they the mind control freaks are stopped.

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