Endangered Animals

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Created November 18, 2007 by Vulgar

Animal Welfare

For people to become more aware of endangered animals, and they donate their hard earned money to specific charities in aid of endangered species.

There are currently 12 signatures for this petition:

  1. HQ ... Hong Kong HONG KONG
  2. Frederick Yeung Moka, Mauritius
  3. j jacobs bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Emma Moran St Albans UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Rebekah Whittaker Portreath UNITED KINGDOM
  6. tara gulwell barry UNITED KINGDOM

    i think it is disgusting the way human rights are being ignored!

  7. nicole case barry UNITED KINGDOM

    i am sad and shocked that no1 has even tryed to help the animals that are endangerd

  8. Kathy Poindexter UNITED STATES

    I agree too many animals are
    being killed and there is time to stand up and say no more.

  9. Frances Borges Newbury UNITED KINGDOM

    If the worlds people don't do something it will be too late!

  10. Caroline Hurlock Ellesmere Port UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Suzanne Thorpe UNITED KINGDOM
  12. katherine cooper york UNITED KINGDOM

    we need to save n look after them against poachers

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