Free Bradley Manning!

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Created March 4, 2013 by Ami


I only recently heard about manning, but his story shocked me deeply. I have also started a written petition that is going well, and it will be combined soon with this as a tiny part of the popular protest to free the hero :-). Bradley manning is a 25 year old soldier who joined the us army to get enough money for university and experience reality. After being profoundly shaken by bloodlust shown by us soldiers in iraq, including obsessive shooting of civilians, urging a survivor crawling to safety to pick up a weapon so they could massacre him and firing on an unarmed vehicle there to aid the wounded, shooting two children- and their callous indifference. After trying to tell the world what he had seen, he gave his information to wikileaks, including a video of the events that took place that he found. Now, after years of opposition from the government and pleading guilty to 10 accusations he will serve a 20 year prison sentence without our help, simply for arguing against the brutality that he witnessed and speaking out against autocracy. Sign this petition now to show you believe in our rights as people and manning, comaprable with ellsberg and a hero of our times. Thank you :).

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