Free Prescriptions for Students

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Created November 17, 2008 by Chris


With the ever increasing price of prescriptions it's an added cost for student life if medication is needed. The current method is based on an assessment after filling in the complicated HC1 form and sending in supporting financial documents.

If you think that students deserve straightforward free healthcare then you can do your bit by signing our online petition! And please tell all your friends!

There are currently 59 signatures for this petition:

  1. Brenda Wood Weymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    The current system for University students is too complicated and there should be straightforward free prescriptions for all students.

  2. Melanie Burton Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Completely agree. The student environment is full of nasty bugs and i am forever spending out £6 whatever it is to get antibiotics. In my 2nd year of uni i had around 6 doses of antibiotics in 2 months due to a bad case of tonsillitis that kept reoccurring, i spent a fortune on medicine. Glad i have had tonsils removed now!

  3. Leah Pitt Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  4. mary murphy UNITED KINGDOM
  5. georgina mulholland liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Kirsty Law Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Gareth Jones Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Hana Ayoob UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Tina Harding high wycombe UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Caroline Hurlock Ellesmere Port UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Sharon Milner Hucknall UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes I agree, students are our future in this country hopefully. They already incur such debts from studying. Altough I also think they should eb means tested has all students are not poor.Free prescriptions for them and all on low incomes

  12. Jessica Henderson Bedford UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Colin Sargent Cockermouth UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Susan Allison Rotherham UNITED KINGDOM

    English prescription charges are discriminatory against the English and a disgrace.

  15. denise meadwell melton mowbray UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Lauren Busby Leeds UNITED KINGDOM



    I need to purchase Ventolin and Pulmicort inhaler devices regularly. At a total cost of £15.00 per month approximately I should qualify for an HC1 (exemption) certificate.

  18. Elizabeth Knox Newcastle UNITED KINGDOM
  19. chao fang liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
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