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Created November 6, 2009 by Mike

Animal Welfare

We dogs are fed up with having to eat dog biscuits that all taste like old cardboard. Assorted dog bisuits should be different flavours not just colours and we call upon humans to make our biscuits a bit more yummy – why not chocolate hob nobs for dogs?We are your best friend and we deserve this!

There are currently 7 signatures for this petition:

  1. Henry Wooton Bassett-Hound 22 hot Yeovile UNITED KINGDOM

    Well the black ones taste different but only because they are burnt

  2. Harry The Horse 15 M Aberdeen UNITED KINGDOM

    Well you dogs think you have got it all bad – all we get is mouldy hay

  3. Jean Fischer London UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree! Viva la revolution! (But I think there is something in chocolate which makes it poisonous to us. How unfair.)

  4. Semper Fi Beverly Hills UNITED STATES

    This is a test signature.

  5. Semper Fi UNITED STATES

    Test signature

  6. Keith Harris UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Karen Worthington Stoke-on-Trent UNITED KINGDOM
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