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Created April 25, 2011 by frederick


A message to the prime minister David Cameron please take notice of signatures below and call a general election now and scrap the current coalition government.

There are currently 9 signatures for this petition:

  1. Melanie-Jude Kearns

    The poor are getting poorer and the rich richer. How is that fair and just?

  2. Pauline Kennedy UNITED KINGDOM

    I have no confidence in your slash and burn actions.
    This coalition government are only looking after the rich it is the poor that need your help.

  3. michael winser UNITED KINGDOM

    we need shot of these greedy thatcherites.

  4. michael winser UNITED KINGDOM

    We’re all in this together.???? Some of us seem to be more “together” than others.What about the bankers who caused it all and were bailed out by us? They still get the huge bonuses.

  5. john pocock UNITED KINGDOM

    this govt is a disgrace, run purely as a rich mans toy.the cabinet is overrun by £millionaires and not
    one of them knows either what its like to suffer financially(silver spoon clan)and know nothing of reality.i always wonder where the next penny is coming from ,they know where their next million is coming from ,”US”.


    Its time for a change, we have been bled enough. we should be looking after the vulnerable and not cutting more and more until the poor suffer from hunger and cold, wait till the winter comes and elderly and sick have to choose between eating and heating.

  7. Kim Hull

    You are ruining families, cutting everything that helps us survive and live any kind of life . I am sure you are not struggling like most of us. You need to go!!

  8. Lena hogg UNITED KINGDOM

    How long before people wake up and realise they are ruining the country, they are amatuers who are playing at politics and blaming their mistakes on the last government. Definately time to go!!!

  9. Brenda Beddard

    stop this madness now you are ruining peoples lives we did not vote for such destruction

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