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Created October 27, 2013 by alexis


Steve wells is a fixture on the centrebus 178 through shephall. He was taken of the afternoon route. He didn’t want to be moved to another route, but had no choice. (reasons unknown to me) he wants to come back to the 178 but centrebus are not allowing this. Takings on the 178 am shift are brilliant, but the afternoons are the opposite as people are not using the service out of protest, myself included. Im now under the belief that centrebus will discontinue the service if profits do not increase. People i know – most elderly – rely on this service and the friendly service provided by steve wells. We cannot allow centrebus to do this. We must make them see that steve wells is part of the community and get him back. Where he belongs. Disclamer: steve wells is unaware that i am starting a petition to get him reinstated as the 178 driver. He is not party to my decision.

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  1. alexis UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Nadine

    The bus company in question are completely unprofessional and run a cowboy outfit, they would rather lose custom than admit that have made a mistake! Its such a shame that a man as kind and friendly as Steve is being penalised for doing his job :(

  3. Mel Basham UNITED KINGDOM

    he is always friendly and i know alot of people miss him. The 178 is not the same without him x

  4. michael wells UNITED KINGDOM

    hes the best bus driver in hertfordshire and they know that aswell but prefer to employ polish drivers who crash all the time

  5. Leigh Groves UNITED KINGDOM

    it is nowhere near the same, without him on there. Steve is the last of a rare breed, of talkative, friendly, drivers.

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