Get Your Boy Chumlee Unbanned From Comp Ad Put To Level 1 (30 Mins)

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Created August 9, 2015 by Chum Lee


**** you gayben every day i get a 7 day ban cuz of russians or some other bs just unban plz

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  1. Luke Burrows UNITED KINGDOM

    id rather contract aids than have a second 7-day ban


    Im in the same boat get us out of this cage what gaben has locked us in


    give the lad a chance

  4. Scott Wharton UNITED KINGDOM

    This is truly disrespectful to the team. Haven doesn’t have any morals and just wants our money. He can f*ck right off. Ooooo Steam sales -98% off this that and the other, no Gaben get a grip and sort this sh*t out. He works his ass off in the Las Vegas pawn store and comes home to play CS:GO, bear in mind he is just recovering from a second 7 day ban in 15 days. His friend which I won’t name for personal and security reason wanted to go and excrete and empty his bowels and he wanted to be kicked as if he goes away from CS:GO he will be away from keyboard banned so we decided the best bet was to kick him as he requested to us over a third party voice messaging service called Skype. (Your not going to accept this because Skype is not owned by Valve and in your eyes we are betraying you but whatever Gaben). As he requested to be kicked as he takes a long time on the lavvy I think my boy chumLee should not be banned and his banned shall be reserved. If you have a heart Gaben you will un ban.

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