Give King Richard 3rd A Full State Funeral

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Created August 18, 2014 by Brian Ryder


King richard 3rd , the last plantagenet king , and the last english king to die in defence of our glorious lands on the battlefield. As such we believe when he is re-buried, he should receive a full state funeral with all the honours that this great man deserves! If the government can give margaret thatcher this respect then surely this great king of ours deserves the same.

There are currently 8 signatures for this petition:

  1. Brian Ryder UNITED KINGDOM

    This great man deserves this honour

  2. Claire Parker UNITED KINGDOM

    The last English King killed in battle, the last Plantagenet King, a true warrior, he deserves a funeral with full honours

  3. Glenys Galloway UNITED KINGDOM

    This man was a king who deserves a kings funeral.

  4. Pete Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    He’s a past royal so why not.

  5. Rebecca Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Such an important man in England’s history. Our Plantagenet king who at last deserves a patriotic send off.

  6. andrew bednarz UNITED KINGDOM

    the last English king to die in battle as well as the only one to have been killed on home soil since Harold II was killed at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

  7. Nikia Beetison UNITED KINGDOM

    He is a part of out history and should have a funeral like any other royal.!

  8. Mueez

    He is the the last plantagaent king and died bravely

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