Help Free Factory Animals In The Uk

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Created December 5, 2014 by Jade Knight


It can free animals who live in poor conditions and are treated horribly in factories!!

There are currently 58 signatures for this petition:


    No animal should ever be treated as if they don’t feel

  2. Liz Storey UNITED KINGDOM

    Animals are sentient beings not chattels and it is immoral to mistreat or abuse them.

  3. Jade Goodyear UNITED KINGDOM

    Trying to stop animal cruelty

  4. Georgina UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s inhuman and totally a waste of time! If you want to test drugs and whatnot, test it on humans, prisoners, that way they can get a taste of their own medicine!

  5. Stephanie Phillips UNITED KINGDOM

    It is totally wrong.


    Revolting and inhumane

  7. Francesca Mullan UNITED KINGDOM

    Animals are not our property so we have no right to use and kill them. If humanity does they shouldn’t be put through even more unnecessary suffering

  8. Teresa Wright

    I support Animal rights and I believe that all animals should be free from Abuse

  9. R norris UNITED KINGDOM

    It is abominable how some humans treat animals. We must stand together to give them a voice which is heard and save them from further mistreatment

  10. sally teeling UNITED KINGDOM

    Cheap, inferior food is no excuse to force a life of hell on any creature. And I don’t say this from the point of view of someone well off, I am terminally ill and living on benefit.


    No animal should feel like they don’t have their own freedom!


    Stop this cruel practice and show some respect for these poor animals who cannot speak up for themselves. STOP AMIMAL CRUELTY NOW.

  13. Nancy Roussy CANADA

    Animals have feelings, intelligence and empathy! No animals deserves to be treated like they are objects or worst! They give their lives which is done without asking them so that we can eat so the least we can do is treat them humanely before, during and after their death!

  14. Henry Neal UNITED KINGDOM

    I thinkthis is the worst thing ever. stop it now

  15. Hope Crabtree UNITED KINGDOM


  16. mark stewart UNITED KINGDOM

    NO animal deserves this cruelty!

  17. Osian Townsend Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    The way we (we being humankind) treat animals is horrendous. I live in the suburbs of Newport (the 3rd biggest city in Wales) and I don’t go into town very often. However, when I do, I am HORRIFIED by the way people treat animals especially pigeons and dogs. Surely if a drug is designed for a human, then it might have a different effect on an animal. Why not test them on prisoners or people who devote themselves to science so much that they would be willing? I know that there are people like that out there but I am certainly not one of them.

  18. Amy

    I believe that all animals should have a good quality of life and thus, should be set free from the factories they are forced to live in

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