Hockliffe – Residential; Site For Travelling Showpeople

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Created February 11, 2015 by Concerned Neighbour


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  1. Vicki Orbell UNITED KINGDOM

    It is completely inappropriate to use the land for residential, travelling showpeople, maintenance, repair and storage of vehicles and equipment. There are plenty of travellers sites nearby, Tilsworth, Slapton, Billington, Stoke Hammond etc.. In addition Leighton Buzzard has numerous Industrial Estates where the applicant could run his business from that can accommodate 50 vehicles to include heavy commercials.

  2. Adam Orbell UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to this application! This is green belt. There are enough residential sites for travelling show people in the area ( Tilsworth, Slapton, Billington, Stoke Hammond)

  3. Danielle Bevan UNITED KINGDOM

    Could’ve put to a lot more better uses !

  4. Nick Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a retrospective planning application for buildings in the Green Belt, it should not get approval.

  5. Teresa Stratford UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to this application !

  6. Sara Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    There are enough residential sites for travelling show people in the area ( Tilsworth, Slapton, Billington, Stoke Hammond) This is not warranted and is on Green Belt land.

  7. Lorna Page

    Large vehicles going in and out of a busy winding road is dangerous.
    This is green belt land and will look unsightly.
    You wouldn’t be allowed to build a house here so why mobile homes.

  8. Sarah Whitaker UNITED KINGDOM

    I’ve had enough of central bedfordshire not considering the community that already exist in Hockliffe. You’ve taken away our buses, our mobile library service, we have no Dr, no health care, no shops with fresh food. You won’t bypass the heavy lorries our children have to breathe in the constant pollution. You don’t care about the fast speeds through our village, Now we do not want another community of travellers, bumping up the crime rate, stealing from us, upsetting our community. No no no !!!!!!

  9. Mark Whitaker UNITED KINGDOM

    Not happy. How many more traveller sites can Bedfordshire council create? Don’t local residents have rights as well? After all we are the ones that pay council tax.

  10. Sabrina Ezekiel UNITED KINGDOM

    Health and safety , living stardards that are not in keeping with EU standards . Homes not fit for purpose . Public transport for people? Obstruction on the roads with more traffic . Schools not set up for more children ?????

  11. Caroline wake UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to this aplication

  12. Roland Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    This land is green belt, why is it one rule for travellers & another for the general public.
    Surely traveling showman vehicles should be on an industrial site the same as other transport vehicles. How many unauthorised caravans are currently on site illegally now, will enforcement get these removed?

  13. Delia Wilkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to the residential request on this application, we do not need more local traveller sites and once approval for 5 mobile homes are given more applications will follow and increase the site size

  14. Andy Wilkinson UNITED KINGDOM

    As another has already stated there should be no need to grant accommodation onsite as there are more than enough Traveller sites within a couple of miles that should be able to accommodate them. I therefore object to granting permission for this site.

  15. Gary Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    It is simply wrong to even consider yet another travellers site as there are plenty already nearby and this is Green Belt Land which is next to Hockliffe’s Conservation Area . In addition, with regards to vehicle repairs, there are industrial estates in Leighton Buzzard which are suitable for such a business to operate from and it is not correct to try and abuse Green Belt Land in such a manner. The entrance is dangerous enough already and further business traffic would be make the situation much worse. I object to this application completely.

  16. Kay Whatling UNITED KINGDOM

    No.no.no……we are surounded by travelling sites….the road is to dangerous to copee withanymore inconsiderate drivers……as a previous coment stated WE pay council tax……

  17. Gaye Venn UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally object to this for reasons already stated…. No one is allowed to built anything on green belt land so why are travellers allowed to put 5??? Mobile homes ( more will follow), there are already plenty of traveller sites in Bedfordshire that have just expanded year after year. Also the danger of vehicles pulling in and out of the site and the knowledge that the crime rate which is exceptionally high in our area will rise again!! I object!

  18. katharine cox UNITED KINGDOM

    This is green belt land and as already stated, there are more than enough traveller sites in this area without anymore being added. I object!

  19. Rhiannon Pryce-Lewis UNITED KINGDOM

    Our gorgeous green belt countryside on our doorstep is something to be celebrated and protected at all costs. Nobody regardless of race or creed should be able to build on this land whether permanent or temporary. I object this planned site entirely.

  20. Andy Lewis UNITED KINGDOM

    I object to this planning application.

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